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The History Behind Cake Smashing

There are a lot of old wedding traditions that still today seem to find their place in the itinerary at weddings today, one of them being the cutting and feeding of the cake. Some newlyweds feed the sliced cake sweetly and romantically, while others take the more playful route of smashing the cake all over their new husband/wife’s face. (Consider me a fan of the sweet and gentle road. I always cry a little inside watching that perfectly airbrushed makeup get covered in frosting). 

But where does the tradition come from? 

Roman weddings are the true origin of the cutting of the cake. Instead of an elaborate wedding cake, Romans used a simply barley bread broken by the groom over the bride’s head as a wish of fertility and an assertion of male dominance in their marriage (okay, that’s probably why we didn’t keep that part of the tradition around). Guests would then gather the remaining crumbs that fell over the bride’s head hoping to attract some of the ‘good fortune’ associated with the tradition. Thankfully, this tradition has evolved into the cutting of the cake and the (much more sanitary) passing out of the cake to eat. 

Today, the act of newlyweds feeding each other the first piece of cake can be seen as a loving promise to provide for one another. Whether or not the cake is smashed or gently fed is mostly a matter of the couples personalities. Both ways, sweet or rowdy, lead to priceless photos that couples love looking back on. 

This video of a slightly over-competitive groom drawing blood is a little cringe worthy, though.

Alexa Voda