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Camp Wed | Creative Retreat at Camp Wandawega in Elkhorn, Wisconsin

Camp Wed | Creative Retreat at Camp Wandawega in Elkhorn, Wisconsin

How can I even sum up the amazingness that is Camp Wed in one blog post? If you’re a creative person in the wedding industry, be it floral, rentals, DJ services, photography, or planning, you need to attend Camp Wed at Camp Wandawega in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. It’s a perfectly designed and curated getaway featuring workshops and talks featuring professionals in the creative industry. Although this was my first Camp Wed experience, this was their 5th annual retreat. I’m planning on going every year from now until I die.

Camp Wandawega itself was incredible. I felt like I walked into a time capsule from the 70’s. So much love and care has gone into designing and decorating every aspect of camp. They’ve gone through many a-grandma’s basement to find the treasures that are around every corner at Camp Wandawega. This isn’t just new stuff made to look old. This is OLD stuff.

Upon arrival, we got our headshots taken by Jessica Bedore Photography. Oh, and she shoots FILM along with digital! Seriously, go look at her portfolio and be blown away!

The day was filled with workshops featuring Shira Savada of shiramisu and former Real Weddings Editor at Martha Stewart Weddings and Katie Selvidge, founder at Cottage Hill Magazine. Plus, I’m a sucker for stationery so you know I was loving this vintage-y field notes notebook. It’s currently full of game-changing tips from Shira on wedding photography!

A highlight of the afternoon was a guided meditation with Katie in the chapel area of Camp Wandawega. Having a one year old and all, you know I don’t get a lot of time to enjoy pure peace and quiet, so it might as well have been a Carnival cruise. You killed it, Katie.

Filling our bellies along the way was The Black Sheep with a boutique BBQ lunch. I could have eaten like ten of those banana pies, too. Hey, The Black Sheep, are you guys sharing the recipe?

My friend Kayla and I took our free time to explore camp very seriously. We wanted to see and do it all! Our first stop was the treehouse, where I couldn’t believe the perfection that my eyes were seeing! Not only was it beautifully decorated, it was so clean! Crawling up in a treehouse, one would expect to find some creepy crawlies. Not one! You could actually hang out and read in that adorable nook without spiders crawling all over you. It was PERFECT! Photos of me courtesy of Kayla Sue Collections.

Next stop was craft time in the airstream trailer. I had flashbacks of sitting in my great grandpa’s driveway as a kid in those green plaid chairs! We made adorable macrame feathers with Revel, a modern DIY studio in Madison. I linked that right to their craft bar so you can ooh and aah over other projects they offer in their studio.

That evening we were spoiled with amazing cocktails by Quince & Apple with the Bevy Bar. Following was a breathtaking welcome party designed by Cherry Blossom Events, catered by Gather.

Needless to say I was in a food/wine coma shortly after and went to bed.

The next morning, Kayla and I skipped the group workout to ride a tandem bike (bucket list box checked!) and explore Hill House, a stunningly designed home. Guess you’ll just have to head to Camp Wandawega to see the inside, because I was too busy gawking at the gorgeousness to take photos.

Our first workshop of the day was with a top wedding planner in NYC, Jove Meyer of Jove Meyer Events. Jove shared the details of his process and how he works with people to make their wedding dreams a reality. Up next the was camp craft of the day, a good old paint by numbers. If there’s one thing I love, it’s monotonous crafts. Seriously, better than therapy. Lunch was an incredible soup & salad spread by The Black Sheep. It was SO GOOD! I am a major soup and salad girl and that cheese was to. die. for.

More exploring camp followed lunch. We did archery (a success!) and axe-throwing (way harder than it looks), explored the A-frame and the boyscout tents, and took a dip in the lake!

Our first afternoon workshop with Amy Northard, accounting guru, inspired me to organize my business finances. I am honestly looking forward to taking myself on a number crunching coffee date! Last but certainly not least of our workshops was Betty Binon of Stems & Forks. Betty told a real, raw and inspiring story of her beginnings and we watched her style cakes. With a freaking raccoon. And it looked amazing, of course.

We spent more time enjoying camp and drinking delicious coffee from Happy Camper Coffee.

Camp Wandawega has an other-worldly magic about it. Maybe it’s perfect preservation of the year 1970 or maybe it’s just the peace of mind that can only come when you’re out in the middle of nowhere. See you next year, Camp Wed!

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